Monday, October 09, 2006

As Nina slipped from the bed, in one stealthy move, she reached under the bed and retrieved a black leather case. Slipping soundlessly into the bathroom, Nina spoke into the receiver on her wrist.
"Breach, I repeat, breach."
Pulling open the medicine cabinet and pulling out the innards she removed a bag. Something slammed into the bedroom door so hard that bits of plaster dropped from the ceiling and hung in Nina's hair. Brushing them away, she quickly replaced the medicine cabinet. Turning the toilet flusher a quarter turn caused the floor to slide apart revealing stairs. Grabbing her case and tucking a gun from the bag into her waist band, she raced down the stairs. Motion sensors lit the way as she moved forward. Before her feet made contact with the cold concrete, the floor above was back in tact. She slowed, the dark alley ahead illuminated by the eerie glow of the dim lights. Drawing her gun she entered the alley. After three short steps she arrived at an underground parking area. A basic white jeep sat waiting. Nina quickly pressed a button on the transmitter on her wrist and the car unlocked. Sliding in, she pressed another and the car engine stuttered to life. She wondered where Stavros had gone. The echo of voices jarred her from her reverie. She gunned the engine and drove forward. Miraculously the earth parted and the jeep drove out into the bright sunlight. A metallic ping shook the car and it fishtailed. They were shooting. She couldn't chance getting into a gun battle here but they had no compunction. She goosed the accelerator and the jeep shot forward. She knew they were trying to anticipate her next move. She hoped they couldn't since she wasn't entirely sure what she do next. She'd gotten soft, playing house, thinking she could get out.

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