Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nina sat on the side of

the bed at the nondescript Motel 6. She'd managed to lose the gunman. The semi automatic lay on the bed next to her. Her forehead rested in her hands.
The doorknob of the room jiggled. She grabbed the automatic and rolled silently into a crouch between the wall and the bed. She said nothing.

"Ma'am, ma'am, it'a housekeeping" The accent had some sort of lilt, as if the woman was from the islands.
Nina called out while pointing her silenced weapon at the door. "No housekeeping, thank you."
"You sure ma'am"
"Yes, I'm sure," said Nina, not lowering her weapon. She listened as the woman's cart creaked. She slumped back against the wall in the space between the bed and closed her eyes. She looked at her bare wrist. She crushed the receiver and discarded the pieces. She couldn't take any chances.