Sunday, July 16, 2006

Once you get started...

According to the inimitable Chaka Khan. Oh it's hard to stop. So let's it get it going. This is a place where you can stretch your writing muscles. Each month we will start a new story. The first person to post a comment after the introductory post will set the tone for the story. Each subsequent person will add another section or chapter. The person's to post a comment on the last day of the month will write and ending. We recognize that the story my have several different endings since a day is 24 hours long. We invite you to come everyday, post some and see what everyone else is writing or has written. Wanna talk about what's been written then join us on the NeverEnding Discussion Blog.

All genres and styles are welcome. We do ask that you not add any hardcore pornography as this blog will be seen by numerous people of varying ages and sensibilities. So be inspired.

Looking for one place to find all the net's writing resources. Maybe not all but a lot. Well step this way please to the Wordluv Writer's Resource Blog. Maybe you want to get published or write a book review or find a literary agent. Whatever, you're looking for, the first step is Wordluv. I hope to see you there.

Wordluv to all

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